Rainwater HOG: Small, Modular Rainwater Collection

It rained here all day yesterday. Which had us thinking about all of that water we would love to be collecting for our small home. That’s when we found the Rainwater HOG. Granted, it probably isn’t going into your 450sf apartment anytime soon – but still – the Rainwater HOG is worth noting for small homes given its space-saving design and multi-purpose function:

Designed by Australian architect Sally Dominguez, Rainwater HOG is a modular system that’s made specifically to take up as little of a footprint as possible. Each module has a 51-gallon capacity, a footprint of only 1.3 square feet and a height of 6 feet. Its rectilinear form and dark green color mean it can be placed against walls or fences without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Plus, like any smart design for small spaces, the HOG has a dual purpose. When installed inside a home, the water-filled vessel can also act as a thermal mass, thus lowering heating and cooling energy use (and costs) in the home. Given such thoughtful design, it’s no wonder the Rainwater HOG was on BuildingGreen’s best green building products of 2008.

Each tank retails for about $300. TierraPath.com sells a kit to get you started.

Find out more at Rainwater HOG.