Rainy Day Survival Kit: My Personal Stash

Rainy Day Survival Kit: My Personal Stash

Tess Wilson
Jun 24, 2011

During these last few days of fantastic sunshine, it's been tempting to think that it will never, ever rain in San Francisco again! Alas, we know better, and two of the coldest, rainiest months of the year are fast approaching. In my spare moments between park picnics, sundress-wearing, and freestyle sun-worshipping, I've put together a little stockpile of fun for those inevitable moments of cabin fever...

Actually, "put together" isn't the right term, as most of these items were gifts. But I have resisted using them, preferring to save them for those days when I've read every book, watched every show, baked every baked good, and cannot face going out in the rain. On those days, a sweet little craft project is a life saver.

The Magic Tree! It's incredible! At least, according to the packaging, but I totally believe it. The nice thing about the Magic Tree is it takes very little time to set up, but provides 5-6 hours of blooming action. As the packages says, "The fun is watching its growing. You will have more fun when you grow the flowers by yourself." Can't wait!

• The Roll Cake and The Cupcake are part of Daiso of Japan's Felt Handicraft Sweets Series. (I couldn't find them in the online shop, but if you live in San Francisco there are two locations, one in Japantown and one on Market near the Montgomery BART station.) These are pretty cute, and seem about right for my beginner sewing skills. I think I might raid my craft supplies for different beads and sequins to use as the sprinkles.

• Marzipan is a double-punch of rainy-day entertainment. Sculpt the marzipan, adding chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, toothpicks, sanding sugar, and/or food coloring to complete your magnificent creations...and then eat them! This Sicilian marzipan (available at Rainbow Grocery) is sensational, a very luxurious birthday gift that I might have broken into already. Maybe.

• Finally, the Wildwoods Basketry basket weaving kit I bought at Goodwill for 50ยข. Okay, I optimistically bought two of them, so I could make one basket to keep, and one to give away. Well, unlike many kits I see around today, in which 70% of the work is already done for you, these require a serious investment of time. There are 10 pages of instructions, but when complete, the baskets are so beautiful. This is more of a rainy season project, and even then I'd have to be really, really excited about making baskets or really, really bored. Both are likely, so check back in a few months!

Image: Tess Wilson

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