Raise Your Dead Remote From the Grave

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Did you know there is a way to restart one in three “dead” remote controls for electronic components? The folks at
1.800.Remotes listed the following instructions that might revive your remote back from the dead in just a few minutes:

Step 1– Pull the batteries out of the remote and leave them out until Step 4.

Step 2– Press and release each and every button one at a time on the remote control until every button has been pressed and released at least once!

Step 3– If your remote has slide switches, you must move the switch to each position then repeat the button pushing in Step 2.
(When you’re done, be sure to put the slide switch in the correct position to operate the unit the remote came with!)

Step 4– Put the batteries back into the remote, being very careful to install them correctly.
New batteries should be used if you’re not sure about the old ones.

Step 5– Try the remote.

A few years ago I gave my mom a pretty robust home theater sound system as a hand me down. I had purchased it while living in a home with a spacious living room where two active subs and five speakers did a fine job of recreating the cinema experience, but I had to abandon the bliss of tower speaker 5.1 sound upon moving into a smaller apartment.

Thanks to my mom’s magical effect on electronics, the system’s learning-type LCD touch-panel remote control has degraded to the point of being unusable. The touch screen isn’t recognizing certain touch commands and some of the mechanical buttons are only partially working, no doubt the result of mom hammering at the buttons in the same way many impatient folks pound crosswalk buttons. This is a large remote, and I was fully expecting to pay a decent amount of change to replace or repair it. What I wasn’t ready for was being asked to pay $1,019.08 for a new replacement! You saw that correctly…a grand plus for what is basically an already antiquated remote control. No thanks. Instead, I’ll be looking to replace that factory original with one of these LogitechHarmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote soon (with one for my own home theater needs). I realize if I wanted to splurge, I could spend half of what I would have spent replacing the original remote with one of these Logitech® Harmony® 1000 Advanced Universal Remote. In reality, the ideal remote control for my mom would look something like the remote for my Beomaster 2400: big mechanical buttons with limited options. I say Mom-proof electronics is a niche waiting to happen!

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