​4 Random (But Helpful) Uses for Castor Oil at Home

​4 Random (But Helpful) Uses for Castor Oil at Home

Dabney Frake
Aug 20, 2014
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I've never tasted castor oil, but it sounds like a horrible, horrible thing that has tormented many a child growing up. I prefer my castor oil used for other things, thank you very much. Here are a selection of somewhat random but interesting ways to put it to good use at home.

1. Metal Lubricant
Use a touch of castor oil to lubricate moving metal parts — like door hinges — and get them working smoothly again. It’s especially handy with kitchen scissors and any another other metal that will later touch food. (Castor oil alleviates the need to use other petroleum-based lubricants.) One last benefit: Castor oil does not freeze, so it works well in cold climates.

2. Mole & Gopher Repellant
Encourage moles to move on by mixing a half-cup of castor oil in two gallons of water and pouring it down any mole holes. Or, you can purchase castor oil granules to spread around the yard. In either form, it won’t harm the animals, but the scent will drive them away from your lawn and garden.

3. Plant Pick-Me-Up
An old-school cure for ailing plants, and especially ferns. Add about a teaspoon to the plant soil every once in awhile and see the leaves get greener and happier. Ferns, in particular, are said to respond well to the oil treatment.

4. Bathroom Beauty Product

Use it in the bathroom to condition your hair or add to the bath to moisturize skin. Massage it into your wet hair, wait several minutes, and wash out.

I won't get into all the ways people use castor oil medicinally. Have you learned any other helpful uses for castor oil at home? Do tell...

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