Read A Story While You Eat

We’re 99% sure that the best part of eating a meal out of these bowls would in fact be finishing your dinner! Our inner child must not be so inner because the idea of reading a story as we eat is totally enthralling to us. For those that aren’t old enough to read, there’s also ones featuring artwork instead!

Each bowl retails for roughly $24 each and there’s currently 3 scenes available. They should be coming to a hip retailer near you in the immediate future as they’ve hit the internet with great force over the last month and we expect to see them everywhere (stateside even!) very shortly.

You can also purchase them directly from Ayda Anlagan, the mastermind behind the pieces and she’s even willing to do custom work if there’s a particular story or piece of artwork you’d like to see when you’re little one finishes their chicken noodle soup.

If you’re particularly crafty, we might also suggest heading to your local craft store to pick up some oven cure, food safe paint to create your own!