Reader Memo: Apartment Therapy Loses Weight

Reader Memo: Apartment Therapy Loses Weight

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 1, 2010

We've always believed in eating our own cooking, but it was hard for us to grasp the fact that we might be POSTING TOO MUCH, mainly because we really like posting. But, over the years, as our editorial coverage has grown and we've added more cities, we had grown our daily posting to over 110 posts per day on this site. Finally, we had to admit that it was probably excessive as we could find no other sites that posted this much.

The place we really noticed it, however, was in the growth of our direct traffic. Compared to our other four sites, which post under 20 times a day, this site's direct traffic (ie. regular daily readers) hadn't grown in over a year, while referral traffic and search traffic were off the hook. While we new were still meeting new readers and turning them into regular readers, we figured that many of those were also dropping off after awhile. The reason? The only thing we could pin it on was the large number of posts we were writing and the reports of reader exhaustion and RSS feed overload that we were getting.

So, staring last August, we began going on a diet. A big one.

We began to slowly cut the number of daily posts at the start of each month, and today we are making our last big cut, which brings our daily content rate down to around 40 posts per day. This is a reduction of over 50%! We feel a little dizzy and our pants barely fit.

Some of you may have noticed this.

It means that posts are going go be fewer but BETTER (they have to be) and that each one will have a lot more air time. It means that if you come back to the site on a daily basis you won't always see stuff that you've never seen before and you should be able to cover the whole day each day if you wish. You're not going to be tired. You're going to be inspired.

No more information overload and no clutter.

This month we WILL be running our contest, so you will see more posts in the form of submissions on those days, but that will only last during contests.

So, that's the scoop. We hope that you like it and will please let us know how you notice these changes (do you like our new shape?).

Best, Maxwell

ps. you can turn on your RSS feeds again. :-)

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