DIY Damien Hirst Style Wall Panel Using Paint Chips

Last week a reader named Sue wrote in with a good question. She was seeking more info on a photo of then unidentified artwork that she really likes. Of course, the brilliant Apartment Therapy community came through in a jiffy in the comment section, identifying the artist and even brainstorming some ideas on how to produce something inspired by the original as a DIY …

A reader, Debbie, was inspired and tacked the project herself this weekend. She sent in photos and info on how she put in together along with the impressive end result. Here’s the scoop directly from Debbie:

The “canvas” is a 6 x 2 ft. hollow-core closet door from Home Depot (the guy who was helping me load the car thought I was nuts when I told him we needed to put it into my Honda Civic with my daughter in the backseat – but it fit no problem). I also bought some black matte paint and I took about 50-60 paint chips. I asked them if it was alright, and they didn’t care. Then I bought a 2-inch hole punch and started punching out circles.

After painting the door, I built a jig so that I could measure out the spacing of the circles. I just nailed a yardstick to a block of wood to make my own version of a t-square and marked the correct spacing for the circles onto the yardstick. After checking the measurements and the alignment, I started gluing on the circles. Spray adhesive worked very well (other types of glue made the colored circles curl up and warp).

I’m very pleased with how the project came out, and all for well under $50! (The hole punch was almost $10 of that, and it was on sale.)

Super smart tim on the custom t-square for making the grid – thanks, Debbie!

Can Anyone Identify this Wonderful Wall Art?

Images: 1. Lucky, 2 & 3 Debbie