Reader Project: Marvelous Snowshoe Monster Feet

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you know how to have fun in the middle of Montana in the dead of winter? Well you make snowshoe monster feet that’s how. Check out these great homemade snowshoes that look to be a ridiculous amount of fun!

Kim of Slow Mo Mama wrote to us to share her latest outdoor adventure with her children. In Montana where the winters are as long as they are cold, there’s lots of indoor play but sooner or later you have to get outside and let a little crazy happen.

Her kids had a blast making giant monster feet to lace to their boots to go stomping around in. Their front yard looked like a whole herd of prehistoric predators came through! Check out more photos of their fun at Slow Mo Mama!

Thanks Kim!

(Image: Slow Mom Mama)