Reader Regrets: A Blizzard, a Bike, and a Bed

Reader Regrets: A Blizzard, a Bike, and a Bed

A Triumph Spitfire
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This week we've taken some of our favorite comments from our previous Reader Regrets posts and compiled them for your entertainment! Check them our below and remember, if you want to see more of these, please share your stories with!

From Khat:

My bungle wasn't a bungle as much as grim determination to take advantage of a sale. Calgary, Alberta. The week before Christmas. Snowing like crazy. I'm shopping and find a gorgeous wicker chair that's beyond perfect, marked down to next to nothing in a closing-out sale. They won't hold, won't deliver, my boyfriend at the time with a truck is out of town & this thing will never fit in a car. My car? Triumph Spitfire ragtop. I hadn't gotten around to putting the hard-top on, thank goodness, so I did what every Canadian does in this situation.

Put the top down, got the store staff to help me wrestle the chair into the car, wrap it in plastic & tie it down & drove the 5 miles home, in next to a blizzard, with the top down. It provided entertainment for everyone else on the road (lots of honking & thumbs-up), and I got the chair home in perfect condition. The worst part was shoveling out my car & drying it out.
I still have the chair, 3 decades later.

From 3dogma:

Many years ago—when I had only a bike for transport—I found an mission-style oak student desk at the Salvation Army. A HEAVY oak desk. I thought I would be able to balance it on my bike & push it the 6 blocks home. The staff helped me load it. Got about a block, & was leaning, panting, against a street light, cursing the universe & my own stupidity, when a kind soul with a full-sized van came to my rescue.
Lesson learned. Arrange the transport before you buy something

From mpkp:

In preparation for our first group of house guests in our new house, I attempted to reassemble the Ikea bed frame we had disassembled for moving.

After two hours of trying to get the existing hardware to work, I went a little crazy and haphazardly nailed the thing together with a box of 2" nails I found in the closet. Despite being, theoretically, the most unstable way to hold together a bed frame, it stood for many months and many sleeps. Unfortunately, when it was time for a new bed frame, I had to admit to my husband what I had done. He had to saw the thing apart to get it out of there.


Thank you three lovely readers for your hilarious stories!

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