Reader Regrets: Jake's Short-Order Door

Reader Regrets: Jake's Short-Order Door

“Hi. I have 3 graduate degrees. Unfortunately, none of them are in common sense.”
(Image credit: Leslie Klipsch)

Are you ready for a good tale of reno gone wrong? Today's Reader Regret is thanks to Leslie and the proud diy-er shown in the photo above, Jake. Jake tells his story: "'Measure twice and cut once.' That was my grandpa’s motto. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be anything like my grandpa..."

...Not only do I not measure twice, usually I don’t measure at all. When we lived in our Chicago apartments I never had a chance to flex my home improvement muscles. When something broke, I called the landlord. Upon moving to our home in Davenport I was excited about taking on some home improvement projects.

In the past Leslie has told me that she didn’t like the door on our downstairs bathroom. The bathroom was a late addition to the house that was put on by previous owners. While the rest of the doors in the house are made of heavy solid wood (the kind that inspire comments like, “they don’t make them like this anymore”), this bathroom door was of the cheap variety that is made to look nice, but is hollow. One weekend, I decided that I was going to remove the nice hollow door and replace it with an old solid door that we had in the basement.

The old solid door is much bigger and so I was going to have to cut it down to size. At this point I had gained enough experience to know I had to really take my time, measure precisely, remeasure precisely, cut carefully, etc. I did all this. I measured the new door many times to the nearest sixteenth of an inch. I then used those measurements to create an outline on the replacement door. I measured and remeasured. Measure twice and cut once. Measure twice and cut once. I wasn’t going to let my grandpa down this time.

I had outlined the exact measurement of the hollow door onto the solid door. I took my hand-held power saw and began my work. I was very pleased with myself. I cut perfectly along the lines. I had to cut inches off of the top, bottom, and one side to make it just right. I took the solid replacement door upstairs to screw it in.

Somewhere along the line, I made a slight measuring error. I was 9 inches off. I’m not sure where during the measuring I got the idea that the door was supposed to be cut to 6 feet tall. I’m not sure how I figured that made sense considering that I’m 6 feet 2 inches tall and I never had to duck into the bathroom before.

I’m sorry, grandpa!
(Image credit: Leslie Klipsch)

To read the full story and to find out how Jake fixed the door, head on over to Leslie's blog. Thank you for your submission, Leslie, and better luck next time, Jake!

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