Reader Rendition: Repurposed Holiday Wreath

Last week we featured this lovely wreath made from discarded items. Ohdeedoh reader, Eve Trombley gave it a go and here are her super-colorful, superstar results! Details on the project after the jump!

Even though this wreath didn’t end up in a children’s room or nursery, we still think it’s great inspiration for those looking to add a pop of color, or added funky twist to the traditional wreath.

She used leftover vinyl (remember she makes wall graphics) though even if you aren’t fully stocked on the stuff, you can find it at your local craft store for an easy application, or just use craft paint or markers to do the trick!

Eve also mentioned that covering the cardboard with extra cardstock or craft paper wouldn’t be difficult either. She cut corners and used double sided tape instead of hassling with glue and it made the project a snap! To add a little inner support by making a hidden cardboard “ring” underneath to attach the bottom leaves/feathers to.

Thanks Eve!

Have you tried your hand at one of the holiday projects featured here on Ohdeedoh? Make sure to send us in a picture so we can show of your crafting skills!

(Images: Eve Trombley)