Reader Survey: Are You Buying a Real Christmas Tree?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The idea of buying a real tree didn’t seem necessary, in fact, it just seemed wasteful. It wasn’t until we visited a house that had one did we understand the appeal of an actual tree: Ahh, the aroma! And yes, it was so beautiful. But now that we have our own home to decorate for the holidays, we still would not buy a real cut Christmas tree. It just never seemed right for us to bring a felled tree into the home that would only be used for a month or so before it got chucked. We know that many people have their trees recycled for mulch, but we’ve also seen the number of trees rotting on the sidewalk that will probably find their final resting spot at a dump.

With that said, we know that many people have attachments to real Christmas trees and would never abstain from having one in the house for the holidays. So we wondered, AT readers:

Image by: flickrized