Reader Survey: What Influences Your Decorating Style?

published Jan 15, 2016
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(Image credit: Elizabeth Backup)

It’s a fresh new year and we’re looking to get a fresh take on how you make your decorating decisions. Whether you live alone in a studio apartment or share a two-story house, buy accessories to match that velvet purple sofa or strictly furnish your home with unique, thrifted finds, we want to find out what influences your home decorating decisions.

We teamed up with Furniture Today, the weekly trade newspaper for the furniture industry, to bring you this Winter 2016 Home Decorating Survey. After submitting your answers, you’ll have the opportunity to enter to win a $100 American Express gift card.* Thanks for your input and good luck in the drawing!

(Image credit: Lauren Hufnagl)

What is your home’s color personality? What inspired your most recent furniture purchase and where do you typically shop? We want to know!

We have been partnering with Furniture Today, an editorial publication, for many years, and this is one of several surveys we’ve run together. We do not sell this information, and we will share it with you as soon as we’ve gathered it all. Our goal is always to serve you the best and most relevant content for you, and surveys are one way we try to accomplish that.

*Sorry, but due to international laws regarding contests and giveaways, the $100 gift card contest is only open to US residents. We apologize and wish we could include all our readers!