Reader Tip: SULTAN ERFJORD Mattress at IKEA

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Marnie wrote to us with a tip on the SULTAN ERFJORD mattress at IKEA:

IKEA has a SULTAN ERFJORD mattress that’s made of 85% natural and 15% synthetic latex, covered with a blend of silk, wool and “eco-cotton.” They do have one on the sales floor now and I spent some horizontal time trying it out yesterday. It’s nice, not what I’d call luxuriously comfy by any means but a good, medium-firm, supportive piece…

It’s only 7″ thick as compared to regular mattresses that measure 10-11″ and for reasons I can’t explain, I missed the “loftiness” of the thicker ones. So I tried it with their premium SULTAN TOLG mattress pad made of lamb’s wool and latex and felt a significant difference – softer without being mushy.

IKEA has a sale on mattresses until January 27th and you can get 25% off, bringing the price for a double down to $675, which is pretty amazing for a mattress with 80% real latex. The SULTAN TOLG would be an extra $330, so it would still be a pretty good deal for a little more than $1,000, about $400 less than I’d spend on the mattress alone at other shops.

One last thing, the ERFJORD is surprisingly heavy, which will make it difficult, if not impossible, for me to rotate it periodically all by myself. I’ve read somewhere that latex mattresses don’t need to be turned but Ikea recommends it every 2-3 months.

So I’m mulling it over and will do some more comparison shopping before I plunk down my money.

Hope this is helpful to someone, somewhere!

Love your site, AT – thanks for all the inspiration.

Thanks, Marnie!

  • SULTAN ERFJORD: $699-$1,399
  • SULTAN TOLG: $249-$399
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