Reader Tip: HydrOxiPro Crystal Spot

Reader Tip: HydrOxiPro Crystal Spot

Mar 3, 2008

AT:SF reader K. wrote to us with a tip about a green stain remover for carpets, as well as Oriental/Persian rugs:

I'd been using HydrOxiPro Crystal Spot on regular carpets and found that it didn't leave cleaned spots brighter than surrounding carpet, which is always a good thing. Then the other day a friend had a rambunctious puppy over. I had the "opportunity" (;->) to try it on a spilled drink and a urine spot. Both of which came clean with no residual odor, and when dried, the spots are impossible to tell from the surrounding fibers. The lanolin in the wool is undisturbed, it still has that nice lustrous shine to it, and none of the dyes came off on a white towel, nor did they bleed into other areas in the rugs, one of which was new, and one was semi-antique.

Of course all rugs are different and if the dyemaster didn't do his/her job right then all bets are off. But for well made rugs, this stuff seems to be great.

I know green is a hot trend, and besides that, for people with sensitive kids crawling on rugs and exotic pets like parrots, it's important that cleaning be non-toxic. According to the label, the stuff contains water, hydrogen peroxide, surfactants, orange oil, and crystalizing polymer ("fights re-soiling by encapsulating residual cleaning agents and soils in a hard, brittle polymer").

I got mine at a local vacuum store, but you can buy HydrOxiPro Crystal Spot at

(According to its website, it's Green Seal Certified.)

Thanks, K.!

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