Reader Tip: Keep Kitchen Scraps in the Freezer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week, we complained about the smells emanating from our food scrap recycling pail, which we keep under our kitchen sink.

A lot of readers weighed in with comments; but, just in case you don’t read the comments here as obsessively as we do, we wanted to share one particularly helpful tip from Francesca.

Keep the food scraps in the freezer!

Upon reading Francesca’s comment, we vaguely remembered hearing somewhere about keeping food scraps in the freezer — but, we thought the concept was a little out there, so it slipped our minds.

Keeping food scraps in the freezer (as a storage solution before tossing them in the compost or handing them off to your municipal food scrap recycling program) is a great idea for a number of reason:

1) No stink

2) No fruit flys

3) And no mysterious goo

You don’t even need a fancy pail to get started, just a bowl or a big Ziploc bag. We’ve switched to this method and we couldn’t be happier.