Readers Share Their Best Childhood Halloween Costumes and They are Adorable

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(Image credit: Submitted by Kelly G)

We’ll be honest, this post is little more than an excuse to look at cute kids in cute costumes. We asked for your favorite, most adorable, most out-there childhood costumes and you delivered. Revel in all this glorious Halloween nostalgia.

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1985: My aunt made this costume for me, and I recall wearing it every chance I could until I outgrew it. My sister had one as well, of Patty O’Green. We made quite the pair! (Image credit: Submitted by Beverly)

Shout out to all the creative parents who made some really impressive costumes and let their kids commit to some of the more out-there ideas. We’ve got home made masterpieces, repurposed recital costumes and some truly great masks.

Thanks to everyone who shared their photos! It was truly a joy to read all of your great write ups and see your cute faces!