Readius Pocket E-Reader: Folds Right Up Into Your Pocket

Readius Pocket E-Reader: Folds Right Up Into Your Pocket

Range Govindan
May 15, 2009

Amazon just released the second version of their popular Kindle e-reader. They have also announced a large-screen DX version. The only trouble is that Amazon uses a very restrictive platform for their e-reader, making a lot of users wonder if the thing is actually worth the trouble. Plus, the price is extremely high. For $500, you can get a decent netbook and use that for reading instead of shelling out that amount of money for a Kindle.

Currently, there is this big hype going on about the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle, which had just launched a new version and announced a DX large-screen version, is quite popular. People enjoy the e-ink screen and the fact that they can read their electronic books in a variety of lighting conditions. Amazon has tried hard to wrest control of the Kindle platform in its own hands. Until a hacked OS becomes available, I just don't think that the Kindle will be well suited. I've got over 6000 ebooks on my computer. If I buy a Kindle tomorrow, I won't be able to read any of them. That's sad, but thankfully not that much of an issue. Other manufacturers are coming out with their own e-readers, and some of them show promise.

The Readius e-reader uses a roll-up display so that it has a much more compact form factor than a Kindle. Sure, the large screen Kindle will grab the attention, but in the end, if you are looking for something small and portable, the Readius fits the bill. It uses a roll-up e-ink display and has a 5-inch screen that fits in your pocket. Readius also features WiFi internet access. It also supports multiple file formats, including music, perfect for podcasts and audiobooks. It can be used 30 hours continually before needing a recharge and has 256MB of internal storage. That's not much, but it has a MicroSD slot, which will accept 8GB cards. We think that this little device is definitely worth examining when you are in the midst of an e-reader decision. [via Designboom, images via Readius]

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