Ready Made Magazine

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Quake lines inspire DIYers in the West.
Californians have always pushed home design to new limits (think Frank Gehry’s early corrugated metal beach houses in Venice or The Eames’ prefab Case Study House overlooking Malibu), and although they have much more space than us apartment dwellers, the eternal hippie in them has never let go of doing-it-yourself. Whether you are a student in a small studio or a successful businessman in a small studio, checking out what the mad people at Ready Made Magazine are up to is like a cup of fresh coffee. The magazine for “people who like to make stuff,” it includes plans for projects, and is plugged into a thriving network of DIYers who all seem like they moonlight as architects and industrial designers. In this issue, a $1,500 shed that you can live in designed by architect Edgar Blazona. MGR