You Can Buy a Croissant Lamp That’s Made from an Actual Croissant

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Credit: Pampshade

Much like Oprah, we love bread. We swoon over a good bialy and would walk a mile for a baguette. If you, too, have feelings for fougasse, you’re going to love this croissant lamp that lets you shout your love of carbs between meals.

The croissant lamps are handmade in Japan by Yukiko Morita, a former baker who found a new way to celebrate her love of bread and baked goods. She sells her lamps all over the world through her company, Pampshade (a cross between “pain,” which is French for “bread,” and “lampshade”). And now, they’re available in the U.S. via Catbird in Brooklyn.

If the lamp looks like a real edible croissant to you, that’s because it is—sort of. Morita makes her lamps using actual baked goods. She bakes them normally, hollows them out, coats them in resin to prevent decay, and lights them with LEDs. Each croissant lamp is powered by a single AA battery and you can easily flip it on and off.

Morita also makes baguettes, batards, boules, coupes, and champignons, and each is more delicious-looking than the last. But we have to say, the croissant is our favorite. Our mouths are watering just looking at it.

We can’t wait to see what baked goods Pampshade makes next. Perhaps Morita will delve into French sweets? We’d pay top dollar for a canelé, madeleine, or macaron lamp. There’s no limit to the number of baked good lamps one can own.