Readers Share Their Scariest Stories: A Family of Ghosts Haunts a Restaurant

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We’re back with another scintillating and scary reader ghost story. This time we’re taken to New Jersey, where a colonial inn turned restaurant plays host to a family of ghosts.

From Rachel in New Jersey:

When I was in high school and college I worked at a restaurant that was originally an inn from the 1700s. One Sunday afternoon, I picked up the phone at the hostess station and had a chilling conversation with someone who had visited the restaurant over the weekend.

She said she had dined with us on Saturday, and was curious if there were any reported hauntings in the restaurant. Since it was such an old building there was lots of speculation, but it was something that management encouraged us not to discuss. I was extremely intrigued and asked her why she asked. Flat out, she stated she saw a ghost in our restaurant over the weekend. I immediately got the chills.

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She told me that on her way out of the restaurant she and her friend had decided to use our restroom, which for the record, is insanely creepy! There is a sitting room when you walk in with an old couch with old teddy bears on it… seriously. She said that when she walked in she and her friend immediately stopped. There were two little girls dressed in “Little House on the Prairie” type clothing. Even stranger, they never looked up (which is a natural instinct) as the two women entered the room. She exchanged a glance with her friend and they turned left into the toilet area. She said that neither of them said a word as the girls continued to stare at each other and giggle. All of a sudden the giggling stopped. They quickly looked into the room and the two little girls were gone. They flung open the door and asked their two waiting husbands if two little girls, dressed in old clothing had come out. They replied that no one had left or entered. They had been standing outside the door the whole time.

They combed the entire restaurant trying to the find the two little girls. They could not be found. Trying to find some reasonable explanation, I told her that I was working that night. There was a party in the banquet room with tons of children in attendance. I told her that the girls must have been at that party! That’s probably why they didn’t see them in the restaurant.

She told me, “No. We were at that party. Those two little girls were not there.”

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I told her I didn’t know what to tell her. I said I’d mention this to the manager. I took her name and phone number and hung up the phone with a shaky hand. The manager scoffed at my story, but I can tell you I stopped using the bathroom upstairs for a very long time.

A few weeks passed and the story had circulated amongst the staff. One day at school, another hostess who was in my class came up. She told me she had told her mother my story. Her mother was a regular at our restaurant. She said when she told her mom, her face went white. She said that she had never told anyone this, but about 10 years ago she and a friend went upstairs to the bathroom. They walked in to find themselves face to face with the ghost of a woman. The woman asked them if they had seen her two little girls.

This story terrifies everyone I tell it to! I still get the chills when I say that last part.

Thanks, Rachel!

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