Readers Share Their Scariest Stories: I Wonder if the Ghost Died of Dysentery?

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In this installment of Apartment Therapy Readers Scare the Bejeezus Out of You, we have KC. KC’s unwanted visitor mostly stuck to your standard spooky stuff, moving items around, turning things off and on again, until one important night. Scary, but also kind of heartwarming, her story might make you a little empathetic towards her ghost.

From KC in Kansas:

The first house my (now-ex) husband and I bought 26 years ago had an unwelcome occupant. At first, he made himself known in little ways. Items like car keys and credit cards disappeared only to reappear in strange places like the refrigerator, otherworldly footsteps paced in the foyer when I was the only one home, doors slammed shut when I was home alone, etc.

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The ghost eventually became “playful,” making my toddler son’s electronic toys turn on by themselves when we least expected it. I’ll never forget how one day a pair of walkie-talkies that were on the shelf above my pantry kept going on and off by themselves. That freaked me out so I went to check on my son in his bedroom. Right when I walked under the fire alarm in the hallway it went off and scared the crap out of me. Needless to say I gathered up my son and left the house for a few hours until my husband came home. A few months later, I was playing with my son in his bedroom and saw a dark-haired man wearing khakis and a flannel shirt walk by my son’s door and into my bedroom. Thinking it was my husband, I followed him into the bedroom only to discover that the room was empty and that my husband had been sitting at the kitchen table paying bills the whole time.

The incident that sent me over the edge occurred when I was pregnant with my second child. I was in the early stages of labor during the middle of the night and decided to wait until my contractions were closer together before heading to the hospital. I was lying in bed in pain but trying to relax (husband was laying next to me sound asleep) when I distinctly felt two hands massaging my shoulders. I thought the pain was maybe causing me to imagine things, so I took a shower and then got back into bed to try to rest. A few minutes later, the unseen hands were back massaging my shoulders. I decided it was the ghost’s way of telling me to go to the hospital so I woke my husband up and we headed there. Not long afterward, we decided we needed a bigger house to accommodate our growing family and moved.

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A few years later, I drove by our old house and saw a sign had been erected at the top of the street that said, “Original Route of the California, Santa Fe, and Oregon Trails.” I wondered if some young man had died on his journey West and didn’t know he was gone. I’ve lived in four homes and two apartments since then, and I’ve never experienced anything like that again. I’m a college-educated woman with a full-time professional job, and I really don’t believe in stuff like this, but I know what I experienced and will stick by my story until my dying day.

Have a scary story of your own? It’s not too late to tell us about it.