Real Simple Blog: Adventures in Chaos

Real Simple Blog: Adventures in Chaos

Sarah Coffey
Jan 9, 2008

A blog without pictures?! We have to give it up for Real Simple editor Kristin van Ogtrop for the following reasons: 1) She's created an engaging blog that draws you in without photos...that takes some snappy writing! 2) She heads a magazine that covers organizing and simplifying, and has no problem admitting that her own life is totally chaotic. 3) She has titles for her posts like Why It Feels Like a Triumph When We Get Out the Door On Time. Click below for more on the new blog...

There aren't too many magazine blogs that we actually enjoy reading, but this one provides something that you could never get from the magazine...breezy, funny writing that doesn't have the same gravity of print matter. (Not that Real Simple is the same as the New Yorker...but you know what we mean.) Here's Kristin's explanation of why she blogs: This blog is my attempt, on a selfish, personal level, to wrestle with my love/hate relationship with daily chaos: that is, my attempt, in my adult life, to recognize that chaos is the name of the game and I'm just a silly fool to try to fight it. And, of course, to receive free therapy from more evolved souls who happen upon my blog and can tell me how they manage to embrace chaos without excessive amounts of alcohol or prescription medication.

To read the blog, click here.

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