Paula & Henrique's Chic and Sleek NYC Rooftop Wedding

Paula & Henrique's Chic and Sleek NYC Rooftop Wedding

Taryn Williford
Apr 20, 2016
(Image credit: L&L Style Photo)

Bride & Groom: Paula & Henrique
Wedding Date: May 18, 2014
Venue: The NoMad Hotel, New York City
Number of guests: We were aiming for 80, but 100 showed up

If you're itching to experience a chic, modern, metropolitan wedding that's just dripping with style, you've come to the right rooftop. Paula and Henrique were both born in Brazil and live together in Rio de Janeiro, but after getting engaged in New York City, they decided it was the perfect place to exchange vows.

(Image credit: L&L Style Photo)

Among the untraditional touches was Paula's entire look; she chose a seriously stunning short leather dress (she works as a fashion editor for Glamour Brazil), and wore her hair in a ponytail. After plenty of glamour shots (ha!) Paula and Henrique invited their guests to a reception on the roof of the NoMad hotel, where they walked in together for a short ceremony before sitting down to lunch.

The bride, Paula, answered some questions for us about the day. Scroll down to read more, then check out the full gallery of amazing photography captured by L&L Style Photo.

(Image credit: L&L Style Photo)

How did you meet?

His best friend was marrying a good friend of mine. We walked down their wedding aisle together as bridesmaid and best man.

How would you describe your wedding style?

I wanted a low profile version of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big's wedding [from Sex and the City]. Nothing too luxurious, like the non-wedding they were supposed to have at the New York Library, nor too intimate, like the one at City Hall. Something just in between. And since we got engaged in New York, we had the idea to get married there, too. If we married in Rio de Janeiro, where we were both born and now live, we would have ended up having a wedding for at least 400 people (which is a small ceremony here!).

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What was totally "you" about your wedding?

The leather lace dress (I wanted a modern version of the classic lace, so I thought "Why not leather?"), my pony tail (It's how I usually wear my hair), and Henrique and I walking together into the ceremony and lunch instead of having my dad walk me to him.

Biggest challenge:

To have our Brazilian guests RSVP. We Brazilians tend to procrastinate and usually don't RSVP to anything. We aren't rude, just too casual! So it was hard to tell the wedding organizers and the hotel events manager how many people were really showing up.

(Image credit: L&L Style Photo)

Proudest DIY:

The details. I designed the drink coasters and drink swizzle sticks. Great achievement for a non DIY-er!

Most worthwhile splurge:

My blue Valentino shoes. Believe it or not, I have used them soooo many times after the wedding!

What we skipped or did without:

We didn't skip it but should have: The cake. I know it's traditional but we weren't having a traditional wedding so why spend so much on something most guests didn't even eat? We should have used the money to have more Brazilian sweets and small paper boxes so our guests could take them home and eat at their hotels.

(Image credit: L&L Style Photo)

Favorite detail:

The view of the rooftop itself with it's beautiful cupola + Empire State Building behind it + the huge balloons we had = perfect photo shots for everyone!

Favorite memory of the day:

Walking hand in hand with my husband into the party, dancing with him and my dad, and at the end of day, ordering a huge pizza at our hotel room!

What our guests said:

That our wedding was unique, just like us!

Your best advice for anyone planning a wedding:

Have a budget. Don't take so long planning it (it might end up stressing you). Don't overthink it. It will be beautiful, it will be special, but in the end, it's just a party. What comes after the party (real married life) is even better!

Thanks, Paula & Henrique!

(Image credit: L&L Style Photo)


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