This Tinder Couple Got Married in the Mountains, With Just Two Guests On Top of Two Feet of Fresh Utah Snow

This Tinder Couple Got Married in the Mountains, With Just Two Guests On Top of Two Feet of Fresh Utah Snow

Taryn Williford
Dec 1, 2016

Bride & Groom: Heather & Ryan
Wedding Date: January 20, 2016
Venue: Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Number of guests: 6, if you include the couple and two photographers

For some couples, the walk down the aisle is more of an adventurous tandem leap. Take Heather and Ryan, for instance. For a couple who love camping and the outdoors, and who first met on the dating app Tinder ("I think that shocks a lot of people!," Heather said), a basic ballroom wedding just wouldn't do.

Instead, they took to the hills to make their union official with a super small ceremony at Big Cottonwood Canyon, near Salt Lake City, Utah. There were only six people amongst the trees that beautiful and warm January day—the couple, their two photographers, and two guests of honor.

"We each had the single closest person in our lives with us," Heather said. Heather's big brother Rob was there to walk her down the aisle ("Or better yet... to create a pathway in the two feet of fresh powder we got the night before") and Ryan's best friend Tim served as their officiant.

"We know there were some friends and family who were disappointed," Heather said. "But at the end of the day, our day was perfect for us."

Check out what else Heather had to say about their day below. Then click through to view all of the incredible images captured by Amanda Abel.

(Image credit: Amanda Abel)

How did you meet?

We met on Tinder. I think that shocks a lot of people!

How would you describe your wedding style?

Our wedding style was "it's about us." We wanted an intimate ceremony where we could focus on each other. We didn't want to worry about entertaining anyone, it was about us. We both love the camping and the outdoors so having it out in the mountains felt natural.

What was totally "you" about your wedding?

I think what made it totally us was that nothing was planned. It was pretty much just "here we come," and we hoped it would turn out well... which it did.

(Image credit: Amanda Abel)

Did you incorporate any personal or cultural traditions?

We each had the single closest person in our lives with us. My brother and Ryan's best friend. That was important to have.

Biggest challenge:

Treading through the two feet of new snow. That and trying to keep the Under Armour hidden from our pics.

Proudest DIY:

Ryan's mom made my silver sash for my dress, that was really special to me. And my wedding set, I guess—it's a combination of the new ring guard Ryan bought me, placed around my 150-year-old vintage ring, which has been passed down in my family for generations.

(Image credit: Amanda Abel)

Most worthwhile splurge:

The most expensive thing was the photographer. But Amanda has done all my family and personal photos for years now and she is worth every penny!

Favorite detail:

The fresh show. We were anticipating it to be dirty, old, walked-on snow, but we got lucky with the storm the night prior. I think the fresh powder really made our photos lively!

Your best advice for anyone planning a wedding:

Do what you want—throw everyone else's wants out the window. The ceremony is about two people, not 200.

Thanks Heather & Ryan!


Submitted via Two Bright Lights.

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