Really Sustainable Food: Bugs on the Menu?

Really Sustainable Food: Bugs on the Menu?

Amber Byfield
Sep 30, 2010

When you've seen as many episodes of Man Vs. Wild and Survivor Man as I have (far too many), you know that eating grubs and ants is an obvious survival tactic. But the truth is, bugs really are a highly sustainable and available protein source. People all over the world eat them. So will insects be the next sustainable food craze to take us all by storm?

Wrinkle your nose all you want, but when it comes to eating green, none of us can ignore the fact that bugs just might be one of the greenest animal proteins around. When you fry up the whole animal, nothing goes to waste. In an interview with the New York Times, one insect chef puts it plainly: bugs take little space to grow, they're organic and fresh, and the waste they produce can be used directly as compost for the garden.

Granted, one would have to eat a lot of bugs to equal a lot of protein. So, what do you think? Are Westerners on track to add this sustainable protein to our daily diets, or is this one foodie phase that won't stick?

For more, read "Insect Dinners - Waiter, There's Soup in My Bug" at the New York Times, and this article at

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