Really Weird Home Decorating Ideas That Still Strangely Work

published Jun 7, 2015
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(Image credit: The Jungalow)

When it comes to decorating your home, you have to trust your gut— even if it whispers nonsense in your ear, telling you something nuts, and leading some people to think that you are certifiably fit for the loony bin. Sometimes you have to take risks, try something new, even if it is ostensibly weird or strange. It’s like the first person who saw a lobster and said “I bet there is succulent and tasty food to be found inside that hard shell with beady eyes and antennae.” The rewards will outweigh the initial funny looks you get from your friends and family. Rest assured; they’ll understand one day.

Get a rug and hang it in a doorway. Imagine trying to explain this idea (lead image above) to your spouse or roommate. You’d get some raised eyebrows, but hopefully they wouldn’t dissuade you, because this rug looks bohemian and unexpectedly rad in the doorway. It was one of four ways that Nicole Valentine Don used textiles in this post over on Justina Blakeney’s The Jungalow.

(Image credit: Taverne Agency)

Let’s paint the whole room purple, said no one ever. Yet, this monochromatic look from artists Stefanie Barth and Andrea Tognon unifies the space, and renders invisible the more unsightly elements in the room, i.e. the air vents on the wall. The deep purple is rich and saturated, and makes the room feel serene and calm. Via MLKBTTL.

(Image credit: H&M Home)

You might think that knotted bedsheets hanging from the ceiling were more “Escape from Alcatraz” than home design, but I’m going to argue that you’re wrong. This idea from H&M Home adds a simple yet sculptural element to the bedroom, and is easier to construct than a regular canopy. 50 points to Gryffindor for inventiveness!

(Image credit: Hitta Hem)

Why hang art image-side forward, when you can display the reverse side, with exposed stretchers, blank canvas and all? Because it looks totally deconstructed and “undecorated” and also provides a narrow shelf of sorts to display photographs and other objects. This lightbulb moment comes from Hitta Hem.

(Image credit: Vintage Revivals)
Vintage Revivals’ wall treatment is soft, painterly and reminds me of summer. (It was also initially a mistake that she eventually embraced…)

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