Re(al)view: Powersquid Surge Protector Calamari Edition

Re(al)view: Powersquid Surge Protector Calamari Edition

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 21, 2009

This past weekend, we went ahead and got all calamari-ed out with a bunch of Powersquid Surge Protectors all of our entertainment system, networking, and desktop equipment. The end result? Well, let's just say what we found was that the cleverly designed sea champ is really great for certain situations, but was a bit lacking in other departments. We run through a complete list of benefits and drawbacks of this under-the-sea surge protection design, after the jump.

After thorough testing with our various setups, we found the PowerSquid to be great for certain situations, but if you don't have much room to hide it behind a desk, for example, it can become a large tangled mess of cords.

While there are advantages to having separate outlets, keep in mind that it takes up much more horizontal space than a traditional power strip. You can bend the arms vertically but they will not easily stay in position because they aren't as flexible as we would like.

But despite the inevitable tangled mess, the Powersquid remains a unique approach that easily provides a fix for that primary issue that plagues all surge protectors - the sacrificial "wall wart" power charger that takes up two spaces instead of one. All outlets are grounded "three-prong" plug style as well, so compatibility will never be an issue.

We did test it with our home theater setup and networking setup, but realized most of the power cables were mainly three-prongers, leaving little reason to utilize the Powersquid over the standard ones we had already installed.

The best use we found for these cute little guys were 1) as a dedicated surge protector for an out-of-sight charging station or 2) as a portable break-out surge protector for all of your electronic items (such as for business folk who need multiple ports at hotels or a student studying on campus with a couple of friends who are heavy electronics users).

All in all, it was a pretty interesting experience with the Powersquid and we would highly recommend it for the situations described above, but do keep in mind that it'll create an even larger (and scarier) sea creature once all of your power adapters are plugged in.

You can grab the Powersquid Surge Protector Calamari Edition as reviewed above for $70. We'd like to personally thank the team at for sending us the product to review.

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