Reasons For Not Buying That New Nifty iPad Now

Reasons For Not Buying That New Nifty iPad Now

Range Govindan
Aug 30, 2010

Many people are going bonkers for the iPad. It's a device that has definitely changed the mobile computing industry. While Apple released the iPad earlier this year, many other manufacturers are planning on releasing their own version pretty soon. The question is, should you buy one?

1. First Generation Product
While I agree that the iPad is a nifty device, there are probably a few kinks that will get corrected when the second generation of products will be released. I always wait at least for the 2nd generation, that way I make sure that my tech will last.

2. Product Lifespan
It's hard to justify spending that amount of money on a product that will get an update within a few months. You've probably heard the rumors. The next iPad will most probably have a camera, which is sorely lacking from the 1st generation, and bigger screens. This means that if you've bought an iPad this year, you'll probably be tempted to buy a new one next year.

3. Consuming Media
While you do consume media on your laptop and/or desktop, you'll probably consume more on the iPad. You'll download books, subscribe to magazines, watch movies and TV episodes, etc. All of these things will cost you money.

4. Apps
A lot of apps are free, but you'll most likely spend a bit of money on apps. There are apps for almost everything, and it was a stroke of genius when Apple used the app store model to sell their software. The other thing is that you can't really install programs that don't come from the app store. That is a deal breaker for a lot of computer enthusiasts.

5. Spotty 3G Service
Yes, we've heard the problems with the AT&T 3G service, but that's not the only issue. On top of already paying a monthly fee for your cell phone, you'll end up paying another one for your iPad. These devices can get expensive very quickly.

[top image via Inhabitat, other photos by Joelle Alcaidinho]]

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