Reasons Why the iPod Is Still Our Favorite Music Player

Reasons Why the iPod Is Still Our Favorite Music Player

Range Govindan
Nov 30, 2010

Apple iPods have been around for a long time and we've been using them for years. We'd argue iPods remain the music player to beat when you're shopping for new media players, since they're easy to use and offer lots of storage space. Here are some of the reasons why iPods are still our favorite music players.

I've had two iPods over the last few years. One was a 4th generation 40 GB. My latest is a iPod Classic 160 GB from 2008. One of the main reasons why I haven't updated to a new model is, well for starters, my iPod Classic works fine. It holds a charge for a long time, rarely skips, and has enough space for almost all of my music collection. Even a few drops over the years haven't been any problems.

Once Apple starts offering 256 GB iPods, with flash-based storage, I'll probably think about updating my current one, but I usually stick with something until it breaks. My first iPod's hard drive broke down, which is why I bought a new one. The whole iTunes setup is a bit annoying on a PC, but it's been working fine.

1. Long battery Life
It's surprising how long the batter lasts on an iPod. Sometimes, it can take two weeks between charges, even when I'm using it every day.

2. Ease of use
You just click on a song and play it. The simple navigation makes it easy to use for everyone. Children can use iPods easily enough.

3. Lots of Storage
If you need lots of space for you music, the iPod is the one to beat. the iPod Classic has up to 160 GB worth of storage, which is a lot. It is the main reason why I initially got one. That and the form factor. Compared to other players with more storage, it's nice and small.

4. Long Product Life
Although some people tend to change iPods just like their iPhones, iPods will last a long time. My first iPod lasted 4 years. My 2nd one is still going strong.

5. Hybrid Device
The new iPod Touches are different machines. They have touchscreens and access to app stores, which make them a hybrid device. Within a WiFi network, you can use them to surf the Internet.

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