These Gorgeous One-Of-A-Kind Quilts Are Selling Out — Fast

updated Jul 16, 2020
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We’re undoubtedly fans of Rebecca Atwood around here. The Brooklyn-based textile designer known for her organic patterns and artisanal design process just launched a new collection of one-of-a-kind quilts, and they’re selling out fast.

Each of the eight quilts are handmade and compiled from various leftover pieces of fabric from Rebecca’s studio. As a designer that focuses on ethical production and sourcing, putting scraps to good use not only means they don’t go to waste, but that they’re totally unique, heirloom pieces. So it’s no surprise they’re selling out—only three of the eight remain at press time.

Rebecca has a long history of admiring quilts. “When I was growing up, there was a crazy quilt hanging next to my parent’s dining room table that was from my mom’s side of the family,” she says. “I was fascinated with it and the different triangular fabrics. I would try to spot the places where the same fabric had been used.”

And quilting was very much a family affair, with her mom making her own quilts, and a visit to the Folk Art Museum with Grandma to see an exhibit of white on white quilts (“I loved the subtle intricacies, and imagining the time spent to make each one,” she says). Also inspired by the abstract layouts of Gees Bend and the hand quilting of Indian women (“It was a reminder that there are always hands touching the things we own today—and I wish that was shared more.”), these quilts seem to be part of her destiny.

“I hope they’ll be enjoyed in peoples’ homes whether they cover your bed, are folded along the end, hung on the wall, or even draped over the back of your sofa for those cold winter months,” she says.

Rebecca also teased an upcoming collaboration with Chasing Paper on Instagram this week, so look for that exciting news coming soon.