Rebecca's Cure: Defunking the Bedroom

Rebecca's Cure: Defunking the Bedroom

Rebecca Bond
Jan 9, 2014
(Image credit: Rebecca Bond)

Sometimes the hardest thing about a project is getting started. Particularly when it requires time, energy and know how. But on top of my daily Cure assignments, I am determined to get cracking on one of the tasks from my project list — namely demusting the oak chest in the corner of my bedroom. Each time I pull out a drawer, I think “Ew! Really gotta do something about that old people’s home smell.” Then I close the drawer, forget about it, and do precisely nothing. Until now.

This is going to be a decluttering, cleaning and organizing mission all rolled into one. See that huge pile of stuff on top of the chest? I don’t have a clue what is hiding in there, but I am guessing a lot of it could make its way quite swiftly to my Outbox. The same goes for the clothes inside the chest. I’d say I only wear about half of them on a regular basis — the rest I can donate.

(Image credit: Rebecca Bond)

Once the chest is empty, I can get to work on cleaning the wood. One AT reader suggested I use vinegar to get rid of the musty smell. (Thanks 3dogma!) I also found some great tips here: 5 Ways to De-funk Musty Furniture. At the moment I am leaning towards the vinegar method, but I am a little scared my bedroom may end up smelling like a fish and chip shop. I also have cat litter, coffee and bicarb of soda on standby should the vinegar let me down. They are all great for getting rid of furniture smells, apparently.

I am setting aside two mornings to work on this. Hopefully after a good clean, I might also find some lovely glossy scent-free wood hiding under there.

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