Rebecca's Cure: Week Ten - The Final Stretch

Rebecca's Cure: Week Ten - The Final Stretch

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 13, 2008

So, I decided to do it (paint). Well, more precisely, I called Vinny to ask him if he would. I still don't know what color I will choose, but Max says sometimes the best way to help yourself decide is to give yourself a deadline, so - ! Here goes!...

I have been stuck. I admit it. Staring at a wall of paint cards, holding a few up to my wall, staring at my walls, wondering if I have any business choosing a color, wondering if the one I choose will be
any better than what I already have. Have I gone as far as I need toin this process? I love my room as it is - one housemate called it a "peaceful haven," another friend remarked in wonder when she came to visit on Sunday, "First of all, your room is IMMACULATE!" (And the second of all was big news, so it was no easy trump.)

There are a few things, though, that the pictures don't show. The finish of the current paint job is glossy, and there are patches where the old painters either didn't do a thorough job or, worse, forgot to
put anything at all over the primer in sections of the trim. So Max says at the very least it will be worth it to go over the current paint with the same color, just in a more matte finish, and to paint the ceiling something lighter (it's currently dark maroon).

But even bigger than all of this, is the question of my commitment to the process. Along every step of the way I have doubted whether the work would be worth the reward - and so far, it has - EVERY time. I
am learning how to define the space I live in, and if I choose a color I think I will like and it turns out I am wrong, so be it! That's part of the learning process. Maybe a better way to look at the question of "what if I only live there another three months" is to use this as an opportunity to take a risk and learn something.

When I rearranged my room, Max remarked slyly that I should look out, because often when a person frees up the flow of their physical space, their life tends to begin to flow more freely, as well. Maybe I am afraid of that? Some surprising and sometimes uncomfortable shifts are already beginning to take place - best of all, the unexpected opportunity to go back to Africa for a few days (I leave tomorrow!).


Best, Rebecca "the winsome clutterer" Bea

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