Rebecca's Cure: Week Three

Rebecca's Cure: Week Three

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 30, 2008

In this new weekly feature, Rebecca is blogging her one room "cure" of her new digs in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for the next month. The beginning is here.

Okay, so this feels like cheating. Look at my room!! Simple, peaceful, uncluttered - just the way I want it. I am all but finished - seven or eight boxes of clutter down, only two left. And there is no way I am touching those for at least a week. I need a break from that phase of my cure!

books to sell/give away

So even though I'm not technically "finished" going through all my stuff, the new (to me) idea (thanks, Maxwell!) is that I'm allowed to place those two boxes of clutter, along with the two boxes of books I think I'm ready to give away or sell, the curtain rods, a box of "house stuff" I may or may not hold onto for my undetermined future, and two tubs of things I know I want to keep (childhood diaries, art supplies, my hammock, wall art) but don't need in my room, in a corner of the hallway that I've designated as my "outbox".

The Outbox!

This place is the solution, so he tells me, for the separation anxiety that comes up when one tries to do things like get rid of half my book collection (most of which I haven't read and probably never will, but still!).

While the things I MIGHT be able to live without sit in that corner, I grow more and more accustomed to the peace of my clean and simple room, and soon the attachment to my stuff cools a little - just enough to imagine the possibility that there is someone else out there who might be able to enjoy it more than I do. Granted, that corner of my hallway that is still somewhat of a wreck - but (as I've kindly explained to my eight roommates - !!) I think it's allowed to be that way - at least for a while.

Look at all those boxes to recycle!

Your overwhelmingly supportive response to my weekend post completely floored me - when will it ever happen again that I will have thirty-nine people who I've never met cheering me on while I do something as mundane as cleaning my room?! (And svelta, here's a link to the yoga statues - glad you like them!!!) Thank you all so much - your comments were invaluable and kept me going throughout the day and through the beginning of this week, when most of the time I felt like I was going through a bad breakup (complete with several Doritos binges out of my little brother's stash... sorry, Andrew...). I know it seems foolish - I am, after all, an adult now - but letting go of stuff you've had for a long time is a big deal.

So it's time to take a break from the breakup phase, and start looking forward! While I bask in my spacious room, let the stuff in my outbox cool and detach from memories into simple, ordinary objects (easier to give away!), I'm also thrilled to begin the next phase:

- Peruse design magazines and put together a dream design pallette
- Pick out color options for the walls, trim, and ceiling
- Play with arrangement of furniture in space

And if anyone has any "Great Outbox Karma" stories about things they've given away or received - I'd love to hear them! The best way to get excited about giving away my things is to begin to imagine the happy homes where they may one day end up, right? So chime in! I bet there are some great stories out there.

Best, Rebecca "the winsome clutterer" Bea

Check back weekly for updates on Rebecca's Progress...

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