Rebekah & Graeme's Dishwasher Dreams Are Finally Realized

Rebekah & Graeme's Dishwasher Dreams Are Finally Realized

Renovation Diary
Aug 29, 2016
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)

Name: Graeme & Rebekah Molloy
Type of Project: Kitchen Remodel
Location: Chautauqua Park, Des Moines, Iowa
Type of building: 1920 Tudor

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Well you know what they say about the plans of mice & men... After the countertop confusion and delay, Rebekah and Graeme fell behind schedule by a couple of weeks...but they aren't letting it get them down. The arrival of a very important element helps keep their spirits up!

From Rebekah & Graeme:

The tile is going up!
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
I love this wall so much I could just hug it.
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
Very messy but things are taking shape finally! We are so excited!
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
The new sink and faucet. I mean, come on, is this real life?
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
Things are still pretty messy BUT we have a considerably more functional kitchen now so we have no complaints! Well, except that it has felt like a year since we started this.
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)

From Rebekah:

The tile was a bit of a lengthy process this week. Since the old cabinets left huge holes in them, the wall over by the sink and dishwasher had all been sheet rocked. However, the tile went on like a dream and we are SO happy! Over on the wall by the stove was a very different story. Our old house has quite uneven walls and ceilings (which this projects keeps reminding me!) and the tiles on this wall were c-r-a-z-y. Although I'm sure it was pretty obvious to the tilers during installation, they ignored how horrible it looked at the time, and continued to finish the wall. I was so, so sad. So I had to put my big girl pants on and ask them to tear out the tile and re-do the wall. This set us back a few days so that was a bit of a bummer. I am just so excited to get to the finish line now, we are so so close! ALSO our dishwasher finally got hooked up! So many high fives! I don't know how I lived so long without one...I am unnecessarily on cloud nine with this development.

Estimated time for project: 3-4 weeks
Time remaining: 2 weeks over
Percent done: 90%

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