Receipt Clock is Like Low-Tech Twitter

Receipt Clock is Like Low-Tech Twitter

Taryn Williford
Sep 19, 2008

Twitter is great for attention whores. If you like everyone to know how you're feeling or what you're doing in an instant wherever they are. We can't really think of what might have been the pre-twitter in B.W. times (before Web, like how sets of encyclopedias were Wikipedia in B.W. times), but I sure know what might take Twitter's place in A.B.F.O.O.M.P.B.C.T.W. times (that's "after bloggers freaking out over massive proton beam crash the web"), this Receipt Clock concept.

The Receipt Clock by Marc Owens is machine that makes it possible to update your status offline. Its only function is to keep the time and date, but not display it. Instead, it prints it out at the click of a button. The slip of paper you receive leaves a few lines for you to jot down a thought, and voila!—instant low-tech Twitter.

Marc Owens adds, "This product allows for a more private interaction with time. The faceless clock only tells the time when the user presses the central button, the clock then prints the time and date on to the internal roll of paper, the result of which is deposited from the front slot so the user can tear it off and keep it. The 'time receipt' also has a series of printed lines which allows space for the user to write a personal message which is significant to that particular moment in time."

This could possibly be a really beautiful and meaningful diary tool. For someone keeping a specific diary, like a pregnant mother for her baby, could jot thoughts down as soon as she thinks them and post them in a bokk for the little bambino to read when he's older. Very artsy and unique.

[ via Yanko Design ]

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