Recession-Time Furniture (for the Wealthy)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So, can you guess how much this broom lamp costs? We think your guess might be a little off … (Real price after the jump)

The Millet lamp by Rita Botelho goes for $850. Now, we’re pretty used to seeing greenish items sell for a bit too much money — however, this seems like an entirely different category. In fact, according to The Los Angeles Times, rich people paying astronomical prices for humble-looking home items is now a thing.

They’re calling it recession-time furniture. It’s supposed to look organic, recycled and a bit more “humble.” On one hand this trend rings a little false to us, on the other, we’re glad that people with a lot of money are choosing to spend it on greener items.

Here’s the full article. What do you think?

Image: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times