Recharge & Refresh: 8 Ideas for a Home that Wakes You Up & Keeps You Going

Recharge & Refresh: 8 Ideas for a Home that Wakes You Up & Keeps You Going

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 5, 2014

Do drooping eyelids and a brain that takes too long to wake up keep you from achieving morning routine bliss? Do you wish you had more energy to tackle your day full on? Do you need a little pick-me-up in the morning? We think there are some ways your home's design can help jolt you awake each morning — here are eight ideas to try today!

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1. Create a coffee, tea or juice shrine bar
Look don't make trying to find the liquid elixer for waking up impossible. Treat coffee, tea and juice like the life-giving forces they are by creating a stylish shrine in your kitchen with a coffee station. Or, translate it for tea or smoothies if those are your juicy morning drugs of choice. Also great for when you entertain guests.

2. Keep smells around that awaken
We know lavender is a pleasant smell that helps lull us into slumber, but consider keeping some smells close at hand for when you need to wake up. Yes, coffee brewing from the suggestion above might help, but also consider room fresheners and candles that feature jasmine, citrus or peppermint scents. Or plant some jasmine near an open window so a soft morning breeze sends that scent your way.

3. Paint a bold and warm color on the ceiling above your bed
Again it's about getting your blood pumping early! There are certain colors that tend to excite, mainly warm colors like reds and oranges. If it goes with your style and would be a nice thing to add for aesthetics, too, consider a bold ceiling color so you get an eyeful of bright color as soon as your eyelids open.

4. Use curtains that let light in
Again, this is not for folks who have trouble getting to sleep. Or if you have a street lamp that blasts light through your window at night. But if you can get away with curtains of a lighter material that let the natural sun gently nudge you awake, try it!

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5. Place patterns right in front of your eyeballs first thing
You might be worried about having too busy of patterns in your bedroom if you have trouble sleeping. But this post isn't for folks who have trouble sleeping — it's for those who can't wake up! So consider skipping peaceful prints and going for bold, oversize and colorful patterns on your pillowcases and curtains that help jolt you awake in the morning.

6. Use a musical alarm that will get you grooving
If you like to dance, making sure your alarm is set on whatever song currently gets your hips shaking is a great way to wake up and get a mini workout in, in the morning! (I've got a heavy Beyonce rotation on my alarms right now)

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7. Spell it out with motivating posters
Some people need to read things to get a spark of motivation in them. Consider placing a poster with motivating words (to you!) in a spot you'll see first thing every morning. Consider refreshing often when you come across new phrases that light a fire under you. Here are some you might like to start with: 10 Visual Reminders For All Year Long.

8. Rearrange. Often. (Only partially kidding)
Nothing jolts me out of my sleepy stumble from bed to the bathroom each morning like running into something I moved in my path the night before. Rather than continue through your home always on autopilot, shake things up by rearranging the furniture in your home on the regular. Yes, this takes a lot of time and effort, but if no other options work it could be a last resort!

What ideas in your home wake you up when you're feeling sluggish, tired and unmotivated? Have you come across any tricks that help? Share in the comments below!

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