Recipe For A Good Night's Sleep

Recipe For A Good Night's Sleep

Laure Joliet
Jan 6, 2011

So it's a new year and you've got goals and resolutions to uphold, but you can't sleep. Even if you hit the sheets early, you toss and turn and in the morning you're too tired to exercise, work on that book, clean out a drawer, make a gourmet breakfast or save the world. So what can you do?

Having dealt with a fair amount of insomnia in my own life I know that there are a lot of factors, some more complicated than others. But here is a good place to start:

Declutter the Bedroom: Check out these Serene Bedrooms for some inspiration but if you can, move the tv, the computer, the exercise bike, etc out the bedroom and make it a space just for relaxing and sleeping.
• Make sure it's clean: including under the bed. Dust Bunnies gone, nightstands cleared off and dusted, the floor mopped or vacuumed.
Take a Bath or Hot Shower: Heating up the body 10-15 minutes before you get into bed helps it to wind down and with a soothing bath soak you're halfway there.
Fresh Sheets: I change the sheets on sundays, but some people do it even more often. It feels good to slip into a made bed with clean sheets.
Make sure it's actually dark: block out any lights streaming in the windows with some heavy curtains, turn digital clocks around so that the light isn't glowing. In other words.
• Try Reading: Instead of netflix on demand. (I know I know, Netflix is pretty rad). Help your body wind down by getting into the habit of reading before bed instead of the suspense thrillers you've been enjoying ;)
Try White Noise: for some it's super helpful, for others it's a nightmare, but if you live in a loud apartment building or can hear traffic down below, running a fan or getting a more involved white noise machine can help drown out the ambient noise that could keep you awake.
• Write it Down. Before bed, write down all the things you're worried about or need to take care of the following day so that it stops swimming around your head. You can check the lst in the morning for anything you need to take care of, for now you can let it go and go to sleep.
Try Scents: If you're not too sensitive to fragrances, try having a lavender candle lit or put on some soothing smelling lotion to help trigger your senses that it's time to sleep.

What Do You Do To Get A Good Night's Sleep?

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