Recipe for Style: Diane Von Furstenberg Room at Claridge’s

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A tweet from the NYT’s The Moment yesterday evening seriously tempted us to throw in the towel on working this week, hop in a cab and head for the airport. Seems that the first few of the Diane Von Furstenberg designed rooms at the landmark London hotel Claridge’s are open and ready for guests …

DVF has such a defined style – she’s all about pattern, energy and (especially when it comes to her classic wrap dresses) making things that are both stylish AND comfortable. The photo of the room (#1, above) doesn’t disappoint. Bold, dramatic, energetic but ultimately, a room that looks cozy.

According to The Moment, her rooms all sound fun and very much what we would expect from the designer: The three rooms completed so far — the others, each unique, will be done by the end of the year — include headboards blooming with Chinese roses and floors covered in silk leopard-print rugs, along with finishing touches like custom-made cashmere blankets and zebra-print bathrobes. Amid all the floral and jungle textiles, she’s also created quiet corners where guests can primp surrounded by handmade dressing tables and leather traveling trunks.

The ingredients that go into this style mix:

• Black Doors: I’m crazy about this “everything comes around again” look and am counting the days until I can give it a try in my new place. Just a great classic treatment for doors (the shinier the better!).

• Black Walls: Don’t discount them as too goth or too depressing. Used in the right amount, they add pure drama and a sharp, sophisticated tone to a room. The look super fresh these days, especially mixed with a bit of gold (as we see here).

• Symmetry: Drapes, picture frame, bedside lamps, sconces, gold molding – all these twins help to give a very dynamic design some strict balance.

• A Single Pattern Repeated Throughout: A bold pattern used in many different applications in the same room is a decorating idea that fell out of favor but is coming back in a strong way. Drapes, chair, “headboard” wall feature, pillow and a bed skirt is a lot of items in one pattern, but we like the look/concept. Its both unified AND visually interesting to see how the pattern reacts to the different applications, from the soft drapes to rounded chair to the hard edged wallcovering. Added bonus: it allows for the use of plain white bedding in a way that looks intentional, instead of boring.

• Gray Walls: I’ve been calling it the new neutral for interiors for a while now, so I guess I can drop the “new”. It’s THE neutral for 2010 and this is a great example.

• Oversized Fabric or Wallpaper “Headboard”: A simple (and depending on the fabric/wallpaper, potentially inexpensive) idea that looks so finished! Adds architecture, visual interest and a sense of grand scale to a small bedroom. The keys to making it look great are the molding and the sconces.

• Gold Accents: The sconces, amazing hexagon mirror and the moldings on the black walls add just the right amount of the metallic (that we are seeing more and more of) to this design. It signals luxury, yes, but we think, at this moment in time, it is more about changing gears and going for something that looks NOW and not yesterday. Picture this room with silver sconces….less interesting, right?

(Image: Claridges/ via The Moment)