The Natural Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

published Feb 1, 2017
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A common concern when designing your home can be accidentally creating The Over-Editorialized Space: you’ve added so many well-styled elements that it begins to read as more of a “look, don’t touch” setup, rather than a comfortable home. Any easy remedy for this? Taking a more natural approach.

Reclaimed wood is kind of an interior design savior. Whenever you feel like your space is looking too cold (like after adding a lot of hard, metallic or monochromatic materials), wood brings in a touch of warmth and much-needed texture.

Aesthetics aside, swapping in reclaimed wood instead of another material is a smart and sustainable choice. Much like with vintage furniture, reclaimed goods often have character and history that you can’t replicate with mass-produced materials. And yes, they still look good, because you don’t need to sacrifice style to be eco-friendly.

Since no one wants to turn their home into a forest, gradual addition is key. Little things like a cutting board, knife block and wall art don’t require a big purchase or style commitment, and can be easily worked into your existing decor.

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

You know you’re committed to a look when you’re ready to punch holes in the wall. Get organized (and Earth-conscious) with coat racks, wine racks and shelving all made from beautiful reclaimed wood.

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These reclaimed wood pieces are as functional as they are beautiful. The bold geometric lines on this headboard, flat file and console give you all of the edge of modern design, plus a little bonus of knowing you’ve done your recycling duty. Mother Earth said she’s proud.

(Image credit: West Elm)