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Recycled Bike Wheel Garden Trellis

updated Jul 23, 2020
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Of course we’re always fans of creative reuse and this is no exception. Used bicycle rims, twine and a bit of conduit or plumbing pipe make for a functional and really cool trellis to support pea plants.

Kathy M. from Seattle, who documents her gardening prowess on Suited To The Seasons posted the above photo. There’s no tutorial, per se, but it looks rather straightforward. The trickiest part would be ensuring the support of the wheel structure. It looks like Kathy attached it via some thin wire to the pipe. Perhaps drilling a hole through the pipe and inserting a dowel or a short bit of threaded steel would make it extra sturdy.

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If you have built something similar or are game to try this, let us know how it went (or goes) in the comments below!