Stink Tree Coffee Table by Dylan Gold

The Stink Tree coffee table is functional, beautiful, and definitely not stinky. Read more to learn how to get more function out of this table.

The Stink Tree Coffee Table is made of recycled MDF. The surface layer is made of lacquered wood veneer and is available in four finishes: Maple, Walnut, Oak, and Cherry.

For more function from this beautiful table, use the trunk area to store magazines and books. And if you’re concerned about drinks tipping and spilling into the crevices, lay a custom cut sheet of glass on top.

I think the concept behind this table would make a great DIY project, of not only trees, but also other shapes like a skinny dachshund or giraffe.

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The beautiful but pricey Stink Tree Coffee Table by Dylan Gold is available at Exclusively Home for $4,700.00.

(Images: Courtesy of Exclusively Home)