Recycled Record Designs

Wrecords by Monkey has just released its new line of recycled LP record products, Off the Train. The Brooklyn-based company uses city images in its new products in order to “bring together sleek design with the grittiness of the city.”

1 Cityscape Mirror, $48.00. A whole vinyl record, carved into a cityscape, frames a mirrored surface.
2 Wall Art, $33.00. A set of 3 records, each featuring a different city image: an ice cream truck, the New York coffee cup, and the Manhattan Bridge.
3 Graffiti and Brick Switch Plate, $36.00. A recycled record layered with wood forms the base of this urban switch plate.
4 Cityscape Trim Set, $33.00. This set features a cityscape, a pigeon and a taxi. Add it to a cabinet or a doorframe. Also available in plain brick.
5 Cityscape Keychain, $13.00. Recycled record carved into a cityscape is laminated to gray acrylic.

Wrecords by Monkey also has a line of jewelry made from LPs, including cuff bracelets, charm necklaces, and earrings. Check them out at Wrecords by Monkey.

(Images: as linked)