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Recycling DIY: 10 Craft Projects Using Christmas Wrapping Paper & Rolls

updated May 4, 2019
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It always seems like such a shame to spend so much money on gift wrap, only to have it tossed after a single frenzied morning of opening presents. Make the most of your Christmas trimmings this year with these ten ideas for reusing gift wrap and gift wrap tubes.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Top Row (Christmas Wrap):
1. Drawer Liners, I Heart Organizing: Give yourself a bright and happy surprise when you open your drawers.
2. Tiny Envelopes for Gift Cards, Poppytalk: You could also adapt this for larger envelopes and make yourself a nice set of stationery.
3. Paper-Lined Display Boxes, Cin Decor: The tutorial is in Spanish, but it’s pretty visually self-explanatory. Emptied wine boxes or other wooden boxes become a decorative element when painted and lined with paper.
4. Chinese Paper Yo-Yos, The B Line: Use the leftover paper to entertain the kids or to prepare for New Year’s Party favors.
5. Shredded Wrapping, Whole Living: It’s always nice to try to reuse wrapping paper when it’s still intact, but even if it’s torn to bits, you can recycle it as decorative wrapping for other gifts. Or better yet, use it to pack away all the delicate tree ornaments!

Bottom Row (Wrapping Paper Rolls):
1. Orla Kiely Inspired Art, Mollee Made: Give your walls a healthy dose of color and texture with this 3-D artwork made from re-used wrapping tubes.
2. Colored Pencil Organizer, My Great Challenge: Here’s a double whammy that will allow you to use spare wrapping paper and tubes all in one organized solution.
3. Japanese Flying Carp (Koinobori), Squirrelly Minds: A great, colorful craft for kids.
4. Cable Organization, Instructables user berserk: Cheaply and easily wrangle all your spare cords.
5. Cat Toys, Catster: Here are instructions for 5 different cat toys that can be made from spare cardboard tubes.