Recycling Your Electronics

Recycling Your Electronics

Apr 12, 2007

500 million computers became obsolete between 1997-2007. Wow. That's almost 2 computers for every person in the United States--and not everyone has a computer!

Computers are only part of the problem--almost every item we talk about on AT:Home Tech has the potential to become electronic landfill when it expires. Many ingredients to our electronics can be recycled, and some ingredients shouldn't be put out with the regular trash--they need to be specially disposed of.

We want to give you options to best get rid of your electronics when you're done with them: some of them can be recycled, some reused, and some reused or recycled by sharing the love.

NYC Sanitation gives options for donating items, not just limited to NYC residents (check out the full list for suggestions on non-electronic items as well)
Directory of places--both for-profit and non-profit--across the country that recycle has over 4,000 freecycling communities and nearly 3.5 million members...someone's bound to want your "junk"
• Find a new home for your stuff and maybe even make a couple of dollars in the process--or give it away for free--by listing on
Office Depot will take your printer cartridges, but there are plenty of other places that will as well, often as a fundraiser--just keep your eyes open for local sources
Recycle for Breast Cancer, found on the above directory, will send you a free shipping label for a lot of your smaller electronics, and if you're near San Ramon, CA, they'll take lot of larger items as well
Check out this article for options on reusing your electronics and ideas to get you thinking about places that will want your electronics when you're done with them

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