Red Clay: Responsible Home Decor, Designed By You!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Good decor doesn’t have to cost the earth. Or your wallet. That’s the motto behind Red Clay, the first fully crowdsourced home décor design community and retailer. As many Re-Nest readers have noted before, most responsibly-made, sustainable home furnishings are too expensive for the average person— which is entirely frustrating! Red Clay’s response to this is to offer consumers a platform to design, curate and purchase responsible home décor that they themselves have had a hand in creating.

According to the press release I received from Red Clay, while 85% of US consumers are currently buying green products of some kind and 61% of those express a desire to purchase green home furnishings in the future, only 5% of US consumers actually purchase green home décor, citing “a lack of appealing options at a price they can afford.”

Red Clay will present a series of design challenges (the first one being an organic textile challenge) to have readers submit designs, vote on, and ultimately determine Red Clay’s next collection, which will, according to them, be affordable for the average working person.

More from Red Clay’s website:

We are artists. Children with clay in our hands. Everyone of us a designer, a curator, a designer of our homes. We feel that we’re being swept aside in the hasty pursuit to make sustainability the latest high design trend. We’re making a stand. Our ambition is to bring vibrant, not beige, eco-friendly design to the masses. Vases, Wall Décor, Tabletop, Pillows or Throws; we want our designs to be the splash of color in the room. A small team committed to creating a dialogue directly between you and the designer. Obsessive about design and passionate about customers, we provide you with a studio in which you have access to impeccably designed materials with firm sustainability standards.
The power of your votes determines Red Clay’s next exclusive collection. No sacrifices, no excuses, no exclusions. It’s a conversation, it’s a community…it’s Clay to be molded.

Red Clay’s first Design Challenge is focused on the creation of textiles. The Red Clay team has sourced pre-woven, organic fabrics from which designers are challenged to capture summer’s essence in textile design. The submissions will be voted on by the Red Clay community and the most popular designs added to Red Clay’s exclusive collection for sale.

Submit your designs to the Let Summer Shine In Design Challenge here.

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