Red, Pink, and Orange Accents from Toast

Toast’s product shots are a favorite source of inspiration. The British company’s laid-back style has the bohemian look of the Anthropologie catalog without so much frilliness. In recent photos from the fall line, we spotted lots of warm colors used as accents against jewel-toned upholstery and weathered wood…

Although there aren’t any stores here in the US, we enjoy looking at the photos for ideas rather than specific products. A few stylists’ tricks we noticed include:

• Mixing red, pink, and orange for a warm, layered look
• Using throw pillows to set off deep, dark upholstery
• Painting wood furniture lipstick red
• Pairing basic gray bedding with bright orange accents
• Using solid colors to create breathing space in a sea of pattern
• Incorporating plaid into your décor in small doses

For more photos from Toast’s Fall 2009 catalog, click here.

Photos: Toast