This Guy Got Mad at His Girlfriend For Waking Him Up By Vacuuming, and Reddit Responds Accordingly

published Oct 24, 2019
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For those of us who love to pore over Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole?” stories, this one is a doozy. In this post, a guy is enjoying his day off by sleeping in, but wakes up to his girlfriend loudly cleaning the house, and wonders if maybe, just possibly, he could be the asshole. 

 “Before I start I want to mention that I would’ve totally helped out if she asked but she didn’t ask me,” he starts off his post, which may be a bit of a sign that chaos is about to ensue.  

“She started early in the morning and I wasn’t awake when she started. Today is my day off so I would really like to relax, I slept in today until 11am,” he writes. “I expected to wake up peacefully but not really I heard the vacuum very loudly but I just decided to ignore it.”

He puts on some headphones to block out the noise of the vacuum, but his girlfriend proceeds to go in and out of the bedroom. 

“I notice she is looking annoyed. Well she walks in one last time and is all angry with me, and she starts complaining that she’s busting her ass cleaning the whole house and that I don’t have the decency to lift a finger to help her,” he shares. 

“I got really mad at that and I told her this is my day off and I simply want to enjoy it but instead I wake up to the vacuum running and now my girlfriend nagging me. I told her she could’ve ASKED me if she want help but it’s not my response lability [sic],” he writes.

Naturally, his response didn’t go over well, because his girlfriend got angry and decided to hit the road. 

“She got even more pissed and then left the house and now my mood is absolutely ruined. I just wanted a nice day off,” the writer asks. “AITA for not lifting a finger to help her on my day off even though she didn’t ask me???”

Well, over 4,700 people chimed in to make their feelings known about who the asshole is in this situation. And unsurprisingly, their overwhelming response was that yes, he is the asshole.

“[You’re the asshole] YTA, 100% the thing is, nobody asked her to do it either. She shouldn’t be needing to ask you to help her. You should do it out of yourself,” one of the most popular replies read. “The house needs to be cleaned every once in a while, and it’s both of you guys responsibility to clean it. So many guys still think this way. ‘I would’ve helped if she asked.’ she shouldn’t have to ask in the first place.”

“YTA. It is your responsibility as you also live in this house. Adulthood is calling, friend,” another popular reply said. “Most of us don’t sleep until 11 on our days off.”

“YTA ffs. When you see your gf cleaning up around you, you don’t need an invitation to help,” said another popular reply. “This ‘she didn’t ask for help’ is the oldest cop out in the book for lazy a-holes. Get out of bed (before 11!) and make yourself useful.”

However, the poster did have a few people who understood where he came from… but maybe didn’t appreciate his delivery of the message.

“Clearly not the popular opinion but more info is needed anyways. If it’s your day off and you want to sleep in for once I get that. I would leave my boyfriend to sleep and leave him the dishes to wash (my most hated) or the bathroom to clean or something,” said one poster. “But my boyfriend is really helpful, he never leaves a mess for me to clean up. So maybe you make a habit of doing nothing and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”