Reducing packaging material

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“Dear Amazon, what are you doing?” So begins a recent post by CindyW over at Organic Picks about an instance of extreme packaging by Amazon. The photo above shows the packaging used to send a single 1-cup Pyrex bowl (#5 in the photo). If this doesn’t seem outrageous enough, Cindy writes that her husband ordered 4 1-cup Pyrex bowls and they each arrived separately with this amount of packaging!

This reminded me of an order we received a few months ago from Sears which contained such an astounding amount of styrofoam peanuts that we were prompted to write and complain. Since then we’ve been trying harder than ever to find things locally rather than have them shipped and we’ve also been keeping better tabs on companies whose packaging seems to be eco-conscious. So far we only have one company on our list: Powell’s Books. We ordered an out-of-print children’s book from Powell’s which arrived padded between two pieces of corrugated cardboard which had been shaped to the size of the book. The book arrived safely and the cardboard was promptly recycled.

We’d like to know – can you add any retailers to our short list of eco-conscious packagers?

Read Cindy’s full post at Organic Picks here.

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